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We all know that people in developed countries of the world, including America, value their time a lot. They don’t spend as much time on social media as ordinary people. If they need to know something, they can easily ask questions where they know. There are some social media outlets in the world where Americans get quick solutions to questions and save time. Today I will share such a social media with you. On social media, people in developed countries, including the United States, are saving billions of questions every day and Saving their time. And through this, thousands of freelancers around the world are getting a lot of visitors to their websites. So let’s start with what social media is.

1 Quora About 50% of American citizens find solutions to these social media questions. You would be surprised to know that 40% of Americans regularly visit it. Where 20% of people visit Facebook and Twitter Again, it is not regular.Quora is the reason why social media is so popular with American citizens?. Quora has a Gmail notification system. Through this, when someone asks or posts a question, it is immediately related to it Notifications will be sent to everyone via Gmail and if you open Gmail See the answer to the question or post.

You all probably know that people in developed countries including America are more dependent on Gmail. They check their Gmail almost every hour. That’s why Quora, the owner of social media, has launched a notification system through Gmail. Quora does not easily block websites with affiliate links on social media. Where Facebook, Twitter, and other social media easily block websites with affiliate links. That’s why you can post as much as you want on Quora’s social media. It has big groups like Facebook. You can post by joining a large group of Americans. However, you will join and post to the related group that is related to your website. If you do not post group-related then your post will not be published. Posting on Quora is a little different so you will learn to post from YouTube.


2 Gmail 100% of the American people Relying on Gmail. They communicate with each other most of the time through Gmail. There is no doubt that they will open Gmail as soon as they get it. If you purchase 5000 thousand American Gmail or collect from Google If you send Gmail every day, you will get regular visitors. Many companies in the world send thousands of Gmail at once for money. You design an interesting Gmail template If you give it to them, they will post your Gmail regularly. And you will not have any hard work. The funniest thing about email marketing is this. If you want to promote affiliate links or CPA links Then you will not need a website or landing page. Just link up on Gmail. Affiliate or CPA links cannot be posted directly to other social media. That’s why people can’t create websites or landing pages Email marketing is good for them.

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