Causes and Symptoms of Skin Cancer


Causes and Symptoms of Screen Cancer


American research has shown that girls are at higher risk of screen cancer. Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases in the world. Everyone’s mind trembles when they hear the name of that disease Body hair stands on end. The complete cure for cancer has not yet been successfully discovered in the world. We all know more or less about cancer.

Screen cancer is spreading in the world today and we are responsible for it. Let’s not know today How to screen cancer is spreading. An American study found that 100% of the world’s girls use screen creams to whiten their skin.25% of them are girls to whiten their black screen very fast Uses screen creams that come on the market all of a sudden.

New hope in the market The screen color is getting whiter using government unlicensed screen cream but after a few days, there is a screen infection. After a few days, the girls were seen growing beards and mustaches. They never check whether the government has permission, which is causing this problem. Only if the color of the screen promises to lighten quickly. For all these reasons, the use of duplicate screen creams in the market is leading to more screen cancer

Also, those who are at risk

        Fair-skinned and red-haired people are at higher risk of cancer depending on their body type because their skin is extra thin. And those who enjoy the ultra-violet rays of the sun through the extra window glass. Those who are pilots of the aircraft enjoy the purple rays of the sun in the glass of the aircraft most of the time.

Symptoms of screen cancer

        Acne on the face that has been in pain for a long time is not being solved by using many creams that cure acne. Moles are common in men when they go to cut their beards and mustaches Then the mole is cut then if it slowly takes on a larger size. And it is different from the moles of the boot It is a season of cancer

Excessive infections in the face of girls’ Beards and mustaches are sudden and painful. Reddish boils on the skin become excessive and gradually take up large areas. Blackening of the nails of the hands and feet We generally understand that if any disease occurs in our body, then first of all the nails of our hands and feet become black. In the mouths of smokers Any kind of infection. The parts of the body that are always open and the places that are always called by extra clothes

To avoid screen cancer

we need to wash our face at least 5 times a day.No cream can be used without the permission of the government. And drinking at least 8 liters of water per day etc.


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