An easy strategy to get clients directly without a marketplace


Build a career as a professional freelancer with general English knowledge.

Most freelancers give up the hope of making money online because they can’t find work for the client. Learning to work online is a very easy subject. Anyone with a general education can learn any job online. Learning to work online is not a difficult task. It is 95% possible to learn all the online-based jobs in the freelancing world if you understand only basic English.

Many people think that to learn to work online you need to be very proficient in English. In fact, the matter is not right. Because you can be a freelancer only if you are skilled enough to operate a smartphone. Educational qualifications will not prevent you from learning to work online. Because in every country freelancing work is taught in their respective state language. You can be a successful freelancer if you have strong willpower.

Now let’s discuss our main topic. Our main topic is how you can get clients without a marketplace. Many people learn to work online properly. But the marketplace is not getting work. This is because you are not able to communicate with the client according to his needs or fail to pronounce the correct words in English. This is why the client doesn’t think you deserve it. And when the client doesn’t think you deserve it, naturally no one will give you a job.One thing you should always keep in mind is that you should always introduce yourself to the client as an expert. If you do not have any proof that you have worked in a Marketplace account before. Then you have to tell the client that you do a lot of work outside the marketplace. Because most clients do not want to work without a skilled freelancer. This is the strategy to get a job in the marketplace

Now the strategy to get a job without a marketplace To get a job outside of the marketplace, you first need to create a website. Or if you can’t create a website, you have to buy from those who sell the website. Of course, the name of the website must be Freelancing Relative. If you do not have a freelance relative name, the client may not hire you. Many people may think that purchasing a website is an added expense.But if you work in a marketplace then you have to pay 10 to 20% commission marketplace rent. Therefore, it is better to take a job through a website so that you do not have to rent a separate marketplace for each job.

Now after purchasing a website. The kind of work you know on the website All for work Post separately. And to contact you with Whatsapp IMO, skive Gmail number. So that the client can communicate with you. Now do SEO to bring your website to the first page of Google. Through which if any client wants to hire a freelancer with Google search, he will find you.

The second option is Sharing your website on all social media. There are countless social media worlds like Facebook Twitter Reddit. Join all the groups where online work is shared on all social media. And share what you want to do. For example, most jobs are found online on social media called Quora. A lot of clients on this social media are looking for freelancers according to their needs. And many freelancers work with those clients through websites to showcase their skills. This way if you share your skills on Quora or hundreds of other social media. Then you will get the job easily. And the client will think you are skilled. Because you are looking for your own work through the website without any marketplace.



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