What to do to get DV lottery and in which countries DV lottery will be given.


About 1 crore student visas will be issued in different countries once the covid 19 virus infection is over. It is a matter of luck to study in America, but many dreams are not fulfilled due to lack of money. On the other hand, the American government needs to increase the manpower in their country. That is why the American government imports manpower from different countries through a lottery every year. However, because American culture does not match that of other countries, they issue student visas to their country. So that by studying in America one can understand the culture of America. Because the main purpose of America is not to teach education Their main purpose is to increase America’s manpower.

Students who can buy lottery Both boys and girls must pass at least H S C . DV lotteries are not approved in all countries For this you must first get the news from the American embassy in your country. 50,000 visas are issued every year through lottery The lottery is awarded from 1 October to 3 November.

Collect information from the American DV Management website for details https://www.dvlottery.state.gov


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