Learn Digital Marketing Earn $1000 Per Month


Learn Digital Marketing Earn $1000 per Month Easily Learn What Is Digital Marketing


Digital marketing refers to all types of buying and selling online. Learning to manage all the means of online buying and selling is called digital marketing. Or digital marketing is the buying and selling of products or services on social media called digital marketing. Below is a detailed discussion of all the means of digital marketing.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation refers to the collection of email and phone numbers. For example, if you want to promote a product or CPA link or affiliate link in America. Then you need to collect emails from America. How to collect email. Type in the Google search option. USA student “Gmail” and “email”. If you search by typing this, you will see that thousands of emails from America have arrived. Once you copy and paste these, the emails are collected. This is called lead generation.

Article writing

Article writing is a popular profession and it is very good for those who are focused on writing. For example, a journalist writes about different types of subject matter as per his own mind. Article writing works in exactly the same way. You purchase a website You will be able to earn income by posting various news from home and abroad. The means of income is Google Adsense. You can earn income by approval your website to Google Adsense. When visitors come to your website, Google will place different types of ads on your website.

And if the visitor clicks on those ads, Google will give you some dollars. This is the article writing income. Articles can be sold. People in many developed countries for their website To write articles looking for freelancers. And for writing every 350 words gives 5 to 10 dollars.

Social media marketing The easiest job in the world is social media marketing. Such as Facebook Twitter is social media. We all know how to post on these social media. And as a result of posting, all our friends can see the post and everyone can know the details about the topic.

There are about 250 social media in the world. Different types of social media are popular in different countries of the world. Managing all these types of social media is called social media marketing. Managing all types of social media is as easy as posting on Facebook and Twitter, and you have to add friends in the same way. By learning to manage all types of social media, you will be able to earn income on your own. Such as increasing visitors to your website You can post affiliate and CPA links to promote your product.

Or many companies around the world hire social media managers to promote their products. You can work in these companies. To get all these social media together, you have to add, add to any to the extension of your laptop

SEO / Search Engine Optimization

The job of search engine optimization is to show if you type something into Google or any other search engine. There are many people in the world who search on Google for information or to buy something and take the service. If you want to get a website on the first page of search engines, you have to do SEO.

Seo is not a difficult task. It is easy to learn SEO if you know basic English. The United States alone has the highest demand for it, with billions of dollars being spent annually by freelancers around the world. A less skilled freelancer can earn from $300 to $500 per month

Data entry

Data entry refers to a messy name, phone number, Gmail, location, etc. of a pdf file or excels file Arranged in a different way By serial Arranged Writing. Suppose a hospital treats 1000 patients every day. Now the names and addresses of all the patients are written in a pdf file.

Now the owner of the hospital told you the pdf file of his patient list Write the list of diabetes patients in this file in a separate excel file. This is the data entry. Again the client to you Said with 1000 website URL Find out the company name Gmail, phone number, location on all these websites. This is the data entry.

Affiliate program

An affiliate program is a sale of a company’s product. And will pay you some commission for the sale. This is basically an affiliate program. There are many affiliate websites in the world, the most popular of which. Amazon, Alibaba, Fast Glover, etc. You can work in these affiliate programs without any hesitation. And earn 500 to $1,000 per month

How to do it

You have to learn all the marketing shown above. And to purchase a website and post affiliate links on the website to promote etc.


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