Learn Facebook Marketing And Sell Your Products


Learn Facebook Marketing And Sell Your Products

Don’t spend time on Facebook Such people cannot be found. Think for yourself how many people in your area do not spend time on Facebook Especially the Young Generation. The promotion of a product is done where a lot of people spend time. For example, a large number of spectators come to watch the game on the World Cup football field and every TV channel in the world broadcasts the game live. Right there, different companies promote their products with pictures on the playground or on the monitors around the field And through TV channels. Now let’s talk about work. Our tips today are how to quickly promote your product on Facebook.

1 You can promote your product by Facebook friends. Many people think that if you make 5000 friends on Facebook and post it on your account, it will be promoted. In fact, the issue is not like that, many people do not know this issue, so they can not sell products on Facebook. The thing is, first open the ID of your Facebook friend and you will see the option to post there.

That’s right


In this way, if you have 5000 friends and open everyone’s ID if you post every day. Then your product will be promoted quickly and will sell a lot.

2 If you want to sell products outside the country or in a specific country, you need to make friends in that country. Such as if you want to sell the product in America. Then to make you an American friend Go to your Facebook search option and type (friend in the USA) you will see the Facebook ID of the Americans. But not all Americans have that ID. You will have to open each ID to see if it will be from some other country. They have to send a friend request to see which country they are a citizen of and which country is America. And when you have 40 to 50 friends, the Facebook ID of Americans will automatically come to your add friend option. And then you can send friend requests as you wish, your friend will grow faster. This way you can make friends in any specific country.

3. You can promote the product by creating groups. By creating a group you invite friends into the group. The group needs to be enlarged and posted.

4. It is best to promote the product by joining a group.Because creates a group It is very difficult to make it big. And requires plenty of time. It’s best to join someone else’s group and post there. What group will you join? You need to join a product-related group. Otherwise, your post will not be approved. For example, if you want to sell beauty products. Then you need to join the group named skincare. And to sell other products you have to join that product-related group. Type in your Facebook search option (makeup) and see below there is an option to select a group. Clicking on it will move all the groups. And if you want to join a group in another specific country. Then enter the name of the country by clicking on the country select option. If you search this time, thousands of groups will come.


This is how you can join thousands of groups and keep posting. Then your product will spread widely. And you can sell a lot of products.


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