Learn Off Page SEO Easily and Build a Smart Career

Off Page SEO

Learn Off Page SEO Easily and Build a Smart Career

The current global market has become modern and online-based buying and selling have increased. Now people do not go to the market by wasting time in the sun and rain. They are ordering online at home and getting daily necessities. Online buying and selling are more of the company whose website is on the first page of Google ranking. That’s why all the companies in the world want to bring their website to the front page of Google. That’s why they hire a lot of freelancers who know how to do SEO work. There are two types of SEO: 1 on-page SEO and the second is off-page SEO. On-page SEO is the work of some coding inside the website. And off-page SEO is sharing links on different websites, sharing links on social media, and so on. Offpage SEO discusses in detail how to easily learn about all the topics.

1 social bookmark

Social bookmarks are posted on all the social media in the world. There are more than 250 social media in the world. If you can learn how to manage social media like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Quora, you will learn the work of social bookmarking. Posting on all these social media is as simple as Facebook but some are a little different.

2 Comment backlink

A comment backlink means sharing the link of the website through a comment on any website. As such, there is an option to comment below this website. And there are places to share links to websites. This is called a comment backlink. Some websites do not have space for websites. There you have to share the website by coding the anchor tag.

Coding t
<a href=”https://www.w3schools.com”>Visit W3Schools.com!</a>

3 Forum posting

Forum posting means you can open an account on your own website on different websites. Many types of websites in the world allow others to open free accounts on their own websites. And there you will get a lot of visitors if you share your website. Also the most popular is opening an account through your website on various social media. Regularly sharing your blog on your website will get a lot of visitors to your website. There are many types of social media in the world. Sharing a website’s blog on all these social media is called forum posting.

4. Guest / Blog Post + Article submission.

There are some websites where you can post blogs for free. To post for free, you need to search on Google (Free Guest Post Site). However, it can be posted for free on normal websites. If you want to post on a good ranking website then you need to contact the owner of the website. You can contact the owner of the website by going to the contact page of the website. However, the owner of the website can take dollars to post on a good ranking website. If you can share your website with a few good ranking websites then thousands of visitors will come to your website every day for sure. Guest / Blog Post + Article submission is one of the three types of work. He says whatever he likes to say.

5. Web 2.0 create

Web 2.0 create is to create a landing page. It is usually used for affiliate or CPA marketing. The Web 2.0 website has about 15 to 20 websites. You can open an account on these websites and post different designs. It is not possible to teach you the work of this site in writing. You create a landing page on write YouTube.You will see that web 2.0 will teach you how to design all the sites of the website. The work is very easy. If you see the design post of any website 1 to 2 times, you will understand all the other designs.

6. Directory submission

Directory submission is on different websites Write and post details about our website. For example, My website gives different traffic about freelancers. To post it for free, you need to search Google (Free Directory submission). And if you want to post on the website of a good ranking. The owner of the website should contact and post with dollars. However, you need to share your website on the exact same type of website. As written about your website technology. Just another website that has written about technology You need to share your website on that website.

7. Share social media

We all know how to share social media. For example, what is posted on Facebook and Twitter is called social media sharing. However, there are many social media in the world. One is popular in one country. Add to your computer’s extension to get all the social media together. (Add to any) then you will get all the social media.

All the SEO work shown above is off-page SEO work. How to easily get a website to the first page of Google traffic. However, most of the cost can be quickly brought to the website ranking by sharing on different types of social media.


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