Learn On Page SEO And Earn $300 to $500 Per Month

On Page SEO

Learn On-Page SEO And Earn $300 to $500 Per Month

There is a huge demand for SEO only in America. Every company in the world has a website to manage. Not only that, a VIP citizen uses the website to promote and promote his economy. The use of the website will increase as the world grows. Similarly, freelancers who know SEO work will increase their earnings. Think for yourself if you want to know something. So you go to the common man and ask? Or go there to find out details about a distant company? Of course you do a Google search for something and Google presents you with a website written about it. Let’s learn to work now.

1 Keyword Research

       Keyword research refers to the fact that the main thing about any website that writes about a website is to put the title of the website through Google code. The keyword means the blog is written only about mobile-mobile. If you write about motorbikes, only motorbikes I If you write a blog about birds,  only, birds etc., the following keyword research code was written

Code {<Meta Name = “Keywords” Content = “Digital Marketing, Approved Marketing, Robot Technology, Technology News, Technology Tips, Marketing, Mobile Reviews, Motorcycles, Cars, Laptops, Health Tips”>

This website has been blogged about Google has been informed about this through coding. Through which Google will understand that this website wrote about this. When a person enters this keyword and searches on Google, this website will appear in front of Google.

2 Google Search Console:

https://search.google.com/search-console/ This site requires verification of a website. And the verification code must be in the main tag of the website tt and if you do not understand, watch the YouTube video.

3 Google Adsense

Apply in Google Adsense It’s a simple task. Google AdSense’s job is to verify a website by Google AdSense.Apply to Google to place ads on the website. If Google advertises on a website, then Google Adsense gives a lot of revenue to the owner of the website. When it comes to website visitors, Google offers different types of advertising. And if that visitor accepts advertising, then Google will have income. And some of that income will go to the owner of the website. Now let’s talk about work.

First, you need to open a Google AdSense account [googleadsense.Com] and after signing up you can see for yourself what you are being asked to do. Go there and submit the AdSense code on the website. This will be done at the head of the website. And watch the YouTube video to see the detailed work.

The above three on-page SEO work is shown. These can take 10 to 15 minutes to do. Then you can understand – you can earn less by working less in such a short time. At least one website you can  earn  $15 to $20 for these three jobs


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