A Wonderful American Technology Has Come Lies Come True


A Wonderful American Technology Has Come Lies Come True

This technology is able to accurately duplicate the look from the picture which will cause the destruction of the lives of the girls on purpose. The biggest misfortune is that this technology has fallen into the hands of some unscrupulous people who are mixing a picture of a girl with a picture of another nude girl. This technology is capable of mimicking not only pictures but also video, voice, eyes, nose, and laughter. Through its artificial technology, one person’s skin color will blend with another person’s skin color. So those who post fluent pictures on social media should be alert now and other girls should also be alerted.

Suppose you are a university student reading from one city to another. Now if an unscrupulous person spreads your picture or video on social media using this technology, what will happen to you if you suddenly see it? Or think of the state of mind of your parents in a distant city.

According to the rules, everyone will fall from the sky. When everyone sees your nude video, the tone of your voice is exactly the same as the shape of your body. Then you can’t convince the person closest to you that you didn’t do it. So think about where your position will go by planning the scene. Surely you will go far away from living a normal life which is another name for the destruction of life.


This technology is called Deep Fake Technology which is 95% pornography used only for editing nude pictures and videos of girls. So don’t worry, delete your pictures from social media before this technology spreads further.

What is Deep Fake? Deep Fake is the act of editing a fake video into a real video or picture that is for the benefit or harm of another person. This includes an amazing technology called machine learning through which pictures or videos can be copied. Video audio recordings and pictures of thousands of people around the world have been uploaded inside this machine learning technology. Because of this, this technology is able to mimic all kinds of human behavior, voice, voice, laughter, various techniques.


The lowest vision limit of our eyes is that we cannot see if something happens in less than 0.01 seconds. But this artificial machine learning technology is capable of video editing in much less time. It is not possible to understand the difference between real and fake with the naked eye.

How dangerous is Deepfake In today’s world of technology, mobile phones have reached every human being with high-speed internet capable of delivering news in an instant? Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc. have become more popular among people today. People spend more time on these social media than anything else through which news reaches people faster. It is not possible to get news to people so fast for free through any other means.

News of both true and false can be posted on these social media without any hindrance when desired. Through which rumors and false news spread quickly to the people. It is very easy to put a person in danger in the present age. For which a divorce is enough to break up a daughter’s family. These technologies are doing great damage to society. So let’s refrain from posting our videos and pictures on social media. Once the needle falls in mind, it will or very difficult to return to normal life.


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