Make Money By Building Mobile Apps


Make Money By Building Mobile Apps

We see posts on Facebook almost all the time 20 minutes works in apps Earn 1 $ or more or less. In some cases, the referral commission per app is 2 to 3 dollars. We generally understand that if someone can earn 2 $ for our work, they give us 1 $.

Now if a person works with 20 people in his apps, his income will be 20 dollars. Now let’s come to the argument if you create an app by any apps designer. And if you work with 20 people every day, you will have an income of 20 $ per day without any work

What kind of apps should you create. One is to sell the product and the other is to write various information. By Google Adsense Income with Ads. The most successful of these two types of apps is to earn income through Google Adsense by writing different types of information.

Adsense apps mean that all the apps that Google gives different types of ads while the data is on are called Adsense apps. As seen in different types of ads in emo apps, the owner of IMO apps can earn a lot of income. Mx player apps again if you turn on mobile data and watch video or audio you will see different types of ads. Google is promoting these ads. There are also a variety of religious education guide apps available that can be viewed by Google Adsense.

Now let’s talk about work if you create an app As it may be. Religious education, health tips, daily human medicine list, train schedule, storybooks, funny jokes, various types of poems, etc. If you create one of these you can download at least 100 people. Then you can earn less than 5 $ per day and you will not have to work hard. Apps will be like a website you upload new tips every week and your visitors will benefit.

And day by day your apps will become popular and your income will increase more. Suppose you have some apps on your mobile that are in every mobile in the world. Then understand the amount of income of the owner of the app. In the same way, once your apps become popular with the people of the world, your success will skyrocket. So it is not too late to take initiative now to make a compromise. Compromise is to create a compromise that will be necessary for people’s daily lives.


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