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Motorcycles can run on water without oil New Japanese technology is coming to the market


Everything has an end Oil is the world’s mineral resource All the fuel including this diesel petrol will run out one day Then how will the world work. The black smoke of fuel is poisoning the earth’s environment As a result, a new virus is being created. With this in mind, Japan’s world-famous brand Yamaha has developed a water-powered motorcycle engine. Like all Yamaha motorcycles, the bike will be durable and strong, the company said. The motorcycle will be sold openly in the world market by 2021. The fuel of this motorcycle is not only diesel or petrol but also water which will play an important role in protecting the environment of the earth. And millions of kilometers to run everyone at no cost.

The speed of the bike will be 160 kilometers per hour which is officially allowed to run on the road in all countries of the world.The engine of the bike has a water pump made with special technology which will help the engine to turn. The motorcycle has a battery that needs to be charged with electricity. Since the motorcycle does not consume fuel, you can drive as you wish by keeping the environment free from pollution.

This motorcycle consists of two parts, a water tank and a battery. The electricity of the battery distinguishes the hydrogen molecules of water Hydrogen then enters the engine through a pipe. And this hydrogen produces the power of the engine and keeps the engine spinning. Capable of running up to a maximum of 30 kilometers per 1 liter of water. There will be no smoke in the car and very little noise. Although the price of a motorcycle is a little higher than that of a normal motorcycle, it is within the purchasing power of all classes of people.

The information has been collected in the international media Financial Express

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