Learn How To Use The Plant On Your Skin


Learn How To Use The Plant On Your Skin

aloe vera plant

There are many types of plants in the world that we know very well but we do not know which plants are good for our body. As we use many expensive screen creams on the market to brighten our skin, 95% of these products are made of chemicals. These screen creams will lighten your skin but will gradually bring a lot of damage to your screen. Which risks ruining your skin’s natural radiance. Others are common problems with our skin, some of which are facial bruises, blackheads, etc. When these infections occur in the face, we use many antiseptic creams on the market that are just full of chemicals that will eventually lead to life-threatening infections like screen cancer.


We are all more or less familiar with the aloe vera plant, it is usually planted on the roof of the house or for the beauty of the garden. But those who know about the properties of this plant use its juice or gel instead of using chemical creams on the market. Let’s find out how to use the aloe vera plant on your skin.

To whiten and brighten, wash your skin thoroughly with water before going to bed at night, then cut the tip of an aloe vera plant in the middle and apply gel or dagger gel on your skin. After a while, you will see that it is dry. Leave it like this overnight. The next morning washes the skin with normal temperature water. After a few days, you will see that your skin has become naturally fair and bright. After doing this regularly for 15 days, you have to do it once a week, it will increase the radiance of your skin


How to remove facial bruises or black spots.

When we get acne on our face, we often touch it with our fingernails. For this reason, acne gets more and more infected. Therefore, when we get acne, we should not touch it with our hands. The same rules apply to the use of the aloe vera plants to lighten and brighten the skin to remove acne and dark spots.

Skin wrinkle removal is often seen in people much older than normal due to the presence of this wrinkle on the face. Using the aloe vera plant we can eliminate wrinkles permanently. Drink 2 teaspoons of aloe vera gel with a glass of water every night with mint leaves, red chili powder, and salt. You will see that the wrinkles on the skin will disappear in 15 days.

Regular use of aloe vera gel will naturally brighten your skin from the inside out and retain your youth


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