The world’s Ice Melting Problems


The world’s Ice Melting Problems

Earth’s oxygen is the amount of ice in Antarctica and Greenland’s mountains. The ice in these two places is melting very fast due to which new viruses are coming out. American research says that this ice is hidden in it All the deadly viruses that are almost impossible to prevent. Inside this ice is an unknown secret hidden for thousands of years. When this ice melts, the whole earth will be submerged in water.

The researchers said the ice of Antarctica and Greenland Over the past 30 years the sea level of melts has increased considerably. America is at risk of drowning very quickly because America has the Below land in the world

But before it can sink into the water, all the epidemics and viruses lurking under the ice will almost destroy human civilization. Due to the melting of the Antarctic ice, the bottom water of the ocean is coming out publicly. The job of the water below is to keep the weather cool by absorbing the earth’s radioactivity.

But because the ice melts, the seawater rises because it can’t absorb the radioactivity. As a result, the earth’s temperature is rising at a record rate, losing its normal balance. the main reason for the melting of this ice is to extract the minerals of the earth and use them for fuel. Because of this, the earth is losing its balance on the one hand, and on the other hand, the black smoke of mineral oil is poisoning the nature of the earth.

All of us should be vigilant now to save ourselves from these terrible disasters. Such as reducing the use of motor vehicles. Reduce the number of earth thorns and plant more trees. Reducing the extraction of the world’s mineral resources by the state


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